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Mothers Day Greeting Cards の説明

Mothers Day Greeting Cards provides you with many Happy Mothers Day Wishes that allows you to share beautiful, high definition greeting cards on Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and generally the influence of mothers in society.
It is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, most commonly in the months of March or May. It complements similar celebrations honoring family members, such as Fathers Day and Siblings Day.

The celebration of Mother’s Day began in the United States in the early 20th century and is usually celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of May every year but this may vary from country to country.
It’s a time to celebrate motherhood and ti appreciate mothers and mother figures all around the world.

During this celebration, many people give gifts of flowers, cards, candy, jewellery or take out the person to dinner to show them that they are apppreciated.
You could spend this day with the people who cared and nurtured you including you mum, grandma, aunt, teacher or just any mother figure in particular.

The Happy Mother Day Wishes available in our app comes in many colors and text.
You can simply choose your favorite and send them via any social media, including Whatsapp, WeChat, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, and more!

The greeting cards also comw with loving mothers day messagesthat will surely melt her heart and make her feel so happy and appreciated.
So, don’t forget to take this opportunity and make it special for the one who has loved and supportedyou through and through.

Here are some poems dedicatedto all mothers out there by some very talented iundividuals;

1. Roses For Mama by Lynn Casstevens

Lord, are there roses in your garden
On the shores of jubilee
Would you pick a dozen of your best
And deliver them for me?

For you see, today is mothers’ day
And I can’t visit my mom
For it wasn’t very long ago
The angels came and took her home.

So if there are roses in your garden
On the shores of Jubilee
Would you pick a dozen of your best
And deliver them for me?

Would you take them to my mother
And tell her that I love her.
Tell her that I miss her
In oh! So many ways

But I have joy in knowing
We’ll meet again someday
And we’ll pick roses together
On the shores of Jubilee.

2. Mommy by Madisyn B

You brushed my hair and tucked me in,
Made me laugh for hours on end.
You kissed my boo-boos when I fooled around.
Mommy, you never let me down.

You held my hand as I got my shots
Then took me for ice cream that hit the spot.
You bought me Polly-Pockets and Barbies too.
Mommy, there’s no one quite like you

You held my hand as I walked through the door,
Then you met my teacher as I stared at the floor.
You told me it’d be fun, and I’d make friends too,
And for that reason, Mommy, I love you.

You listened to me talk about the drama and boys
Then taught me how to handle it with class and poise.
You spoke with wisdom and of things you know.
You love to hear me say, “Mommy, you told me so.”

You love the Lord with all you heart,
And you’re kind and gentle and pretty and smart
If I could be anyone, I’d pick you
‘Cause, Mommy, the world would be better with two of you.

You’ve taught me so much, with more in store
And with each day that passes, I love you more.

Beautiful poems from talented people with beautiful hearts.
What are you waiting for? Download Mothers Day Greeting Cards today and make this day een more special for her!
Thank you!
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PC上でMothers Day Greeting Cardsを使用する方法


以下の手順に従って、PC上でMothers Day Greeting Cardsを実行してください – WindowsまたはMAC:



1. Androidエミュレータをダウンロードする


i. Bluestacks: ここからダウンロード >>
ii. Nox (それが速いのでお勧めします): ここからダウンロード >>

このアプリケーションは、PC / Macユーザーが利用でき、Inbuilt Google PlayStoreを備えています。 これはコンピュータ上の電話機のように動作し、コンピュータ上でMothers Day Greeting Cardsを実行できるようになります。


NB: Windows XP Service Pack 3以上のOS(Vista、Win 7,8)が必要です。 現在、Windows Service Pack 2を実行している場合は、Windows XP Service Pack 3をダウンロードしてインストールしてください。

2. エミュレータアプリケーションをインストールする

これは、インターネット接続とPCによって2〜5分かかります。 アプリを起動してGmailでログインします。


3. 使用方法:

i. Bluestacks / NOXのホーム画面で、検索アイコンをクリックし、 “Mothers Day Greeting Cards”と入力して[検索]をクリックします。 [インストール]をクリックして表示された多くのアプリケーションの中から適切なアプリケーションを選択します。



1. BlueStacks を使用して PC に Mothers Day Greeting Cards をインストールします。

BlueStacks は、あなたが PC 上で Android アプリを実行することができますアンドロイドアプリプレーヤーです.Bluestacks を搭載した PC にアプリをインストールする手順は次のとおりです。

  • 開始するには、 PC 用 BlueStacks をインストール
  • PC で BlueStacks を起動する
  • BlueStacks が起動したら、エミュレータの [マイアプリ] ボタンをクリックします。
  • 検索する: Mothers Day Greeting Cards
  • Mothers Day Greeting Cards アプリの検索結果が表示されます。インストールする
  • あなたの Google アカウントにログインして、Bluestacks で Google Play からアプリをダウンロードしてください
  • ログイン後、インターネット接続に応じて Mothers Day Greeting Cards のインストール処理が開始されます。

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